What I do

Accessible, effective and creative communication is at the heart of all my work. As well as my writing experience and love of research, clients can take advantage of my skills in managing projects and teams if required. I work on all kinds of writing and creative projects, but here’s an idea of the kind of things I can help you with:


Creating engaging, effective copy that’s relevant to your organisation and your audience. You name it, I can write it – websites, brochures, flyers, reports, video scripts, advertising taglines, marketing emails, instructions, reviews, articles, blog posts…

Editing and proofing

Cutting down, reordering or suggesting different ways to say what you want to say.┬áChecking your writing for spelling, grammar, clarity and consistency. Or even adapting a huge report into a 600-word summary if that’s what’s needed.

Content management

Uploading, editing and updating content for websites, blogs and e-newsletters using a range of content management systems.


Digging about for information online, in libraries and by going direct to the source – talking to people.

Project management

Overseeing the backstage elements of a project, from managing other writers and creatives to attending planning meetings and keeping the project on brief, on time and on budget.


Teaching individuals or groups to gain confidence, improve writing techniques, unleash their creativity and achieve results.

Writing consultancy

Giving a writer’s point of view on your organisation or project, from finding a good name and deciding how you want to sound to sprucing up your website and planning what content will grab your audience’s attention.