Barclays Money Skills resource pack

Barclays Money Skills

Barclays Money Skills is part of the company’s Banking on Brighter Futures strategy, aiming to help disadvantaged people across the country make informed, responsible and sustainable financial decisions.

I worked with members of the Barclays team to establish the initial scope of the resource before testing out and refining ideas with the intended audience through focus groups. As a result of this research, I wrote the Barclays Money Skills Resource Pack designed to help support staff working with homeless and long-term unemployed adults.

I also helped run workshops to promote the resource to relevant sector organisations at the Homeless Link conference in July 2010 and designed accompanying workshop materials for Barclays staff to use in the community.

One thought on “Barclays Money Skills

  1. Hi Joanna,

    I work with BESD and ASD learners across Hertfordshire. Many of the BESD learners simply don’t get maths and to be brutally honest neither did I at school. I distinctly remember a question about the flow of water, the speed of flow of a tap (and there were 2), the capacity of the bath, the size of the plug hole and the length of time it would take to overflow. Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. I remember writing “GO BUY A PLUG AND STOP WASTING WATER” on the question paper, I doubt it did me any good!

    Thank you fir you contribution to these materials, they are realistic, clear and concise. Many of the young people I work with have severe problems taking direction and NEED to forge their own paths, you have equipped them with their fist maths machete, to hack away at a seemingly impenetrable financial jungle.


    Peter Lowe
    Assurability CIC

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